When we launched our first startup accelerator program, in San Francisco in April 2014, little did we know that we may end up as a global innovation know how transfer and business model development provider. It all started in 2015 then when we crafted our first methodical approach to create disruptive business models. People began to ask “How do you think?” It was a very difficult to answer question. Approximately 2 years of research and continuously observing our own ways to craft new ideas got us ever closer to understand certain prerequisites, steps to undertake and methods of thinking. In 2019 We began to realize that methodically guided thought processes show far better results than the random ideation and brainstorming processes. It felt a bit like the difference between randomly hitting piano keys and hitting them in a structured order. When hitting keys, we see our hand, get haptic feedback and kind of know what we do.

But we don’t really know – yet – how we trigger our nearly 100 billion neurons. Some recent research suggested it’s around 86 billion. Now these neurons can connect with other neurons via as many as a quadrillion synaptic connections – that is 1,000 Trillions. And we actually don’t need to. We don’t need to know what each transistor in a microprocessor does, as a coder we need to know a language that creates code and let a program does the job. Very similarly we need to know a language or method that triggers the brain’s trillions of synapse through the neural network. With that understanding we started to model ways to create innovative and disruptive concepts with an astounding high success rate.

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