Do you really think that your Social Media Strategy can work in your business without a cross functional engagement??


If you answered yes, think twice…

It is all about connecting from many to many, not from one to a few… but collaborating, communicating, expanding.

Yes it is the users, consumers and fans that will define your products and your strategy ultimately. Consumerization is a reality and you will need to engage internally to accommodate.

Or do you prefer to ignore 1.3 billion (and growing) users of social networks? Don’t you think they are consumers lively connecting with your brand and their influencers? how fast can your brand reputation be ruined after exhaustive efforts to position it ahead? in the other hand , how nice to penetrate in this new territory with an effective network engagement through the power of your communities?

That is why you need  a plan, a strategy that can drive this new force and position you ahead in this revolution. This is where you engage full force. Like a World famous Technology maker says : “The power of we, is much better than me…”this is true, and you can only win if you have a cross functional engagement from inside out and connected to external users, communities partners and so on.

Social Media can help you , Social Media can finish you.

But this is just my opinion, what do you think?