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Marketing Manager, Agencies, Social Media Consultants, Channel Manager, Customer Experience Manager, and other market facing business managers.

During the seven week online program, attendees develop a complete social business strategy and program for a company, including a professional assessment, a strategy plan, programs development, resource and budget planning, ROI calculation and organization readiness.

Your Masterpiece will be a complete Social Media Program Hand Book with approximately 70 page. You will be able to use it as a base for future projects or presenting it to clients or employer.

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7 Weeks online training and workshops in parallel to your job

It will be 7 very busy weeks but as you can hear from past attendees, it was worth their while. Over 70% of the attendees stepped up in their career, found a new job or founded their own business after graduating from this class.

Program Overview

Total of 7 weeks online education and instructor lead online workshops.

Business Impact & Marketing Alignment

  • What is the real impact on purchase decisions and brand reputation
  • Convergence of Social Media and Customer Experience
  • Building a professional Social Media presence
  • Online engagement – personal and business wise

Tools you will be working with:

  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, SlideShare
  • HootSuite, Radian6, Buffer, Topsy, SocialMentions
  • FollowerWonk, Bitly, Klout, Scoop.It, NameCheck
  • TwitterFeed, IFTTT, WordPress Blogs…

You will have hands on experience with:

  • Facebook profiles, Pages, Groups
  • LinkedIn profiles, groups
  • Twitter profiles, lists, analytic tools
  • SlideShare profiles, presentations
  • Pinterest profile, boards
  • S3 Buzz buzz creation, management, analytics
  • Tools including HootSuite, Topsy, SocialMentions, FollowerWonk,
    Bitly, Klout, Scoop.It, NameCheck, Blogs…

Strategy & Program Development

  • Conducting Social Media Audits / Assessments
  • How to work with Social Media Monitoring solutions
  • Understanding cross functional engagement
  • Using a proven Social Media Strategy Framework
  • Social media brand, product and marketing strategies
  • Creating a complete strategy for a real world case
  • Templates, checklists and more

Social Media Program Development

  • Social Media Plan development
  • Planning templates
  • Developing engagement marketing initiatives
  • Channel Partner integration strategies
  • Social Media Monitoring tools and usage
  • Buzz campaign and viral marketing

Resources & Budget Planning

  • Organizational aspects and responsibilities
  • Resource and Budgets planning, ROI

You will work with the group on a real world social media project to get hands-on experience in both social media strategy development and online collaboration



€ 3,295 All inclusive

  • 7 Instructor lead online workshops
  • 24 lessons
  • Exercise support
  • Class material
  • Strategy templates
  • Product licenses during the education
  • Printed certificate

Justification Letter

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Registration deadline:

January 10


You will acquire skills to prepare, create and execute a social business strategy for medium to large B2B or B2C businesses. You will get the necessary experience to select and work with social media monitoring tools to measure progress and success based on objectives and KPIs. You will be able to make well structured social media plans, resource and budget plans as well as ROI calculations.

All Online Class

Participants from around the world learn and collaborate on a real project  in instructor lead workshops, online elearning lessons and video conferences (more details).


VP Manager, Social Media Consultants, Customer Experience Executives, and Corp. Communication Manager, and other market facing business executives.


A certificate is provided based on required workshop attendance, lesson review, and tests. If an attendee is not passing the requirements, he or she can repeat the class at 15% of the cost.certification-soma1mini2

Questions? Just give us a call. +41 41 511-2660


Program language is always English
Both classes work together as an international team.

Timeline & Program Details

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Jan 29 – Introductory Workshop

08:00 to 10:00 am (US Pacific Time)

  • A socioeconomic paradigm shift – democratization of influence
  • Impact of the customer and user voice
  • How can businesses transition from self promotion to recommendations
  • Key steps in professional social media engagements

Feb 5 – Social Media Assessment Workshop (1)

  • Project and exercise review, discussion Q+A (60-90 min)
  • Preparation for the coming lessons:
    Strategy Development
  • Attendees work on the next project exercises

Feb 12 – Social Media Strategy Development (2)

  • Project and exercise review, discussion Q+A (60-90 min)
  • Preparation for the coming lessons:
    Brand Presence Engagement
  • Attendees work on the next project exercises

Feb 19 – Online Presence Development (3)

  • Project and exercise review, discussion Q+A (60-90 min)
  • Preparation for the coming lessons:
    Social Media Engagement Initiatives & Planning
  • Attendees work on the next project exercises

Feb 26 – Social Media Campaign Workshop (4)

  • Social Media Plan presentation, discussion Q+A (60-90 min)
  • Developing a strategy for large enterprises
  • Attendees work on the next project exercises

Mar 5 – Social Media Program Workshop (5)

  • Project presentation and review, discussion Q+A (60-90 min)
  • Final compilation of the complete social media program
  • Attendees work on the next project exercises

Mar 12 – Social Media Strategy Presentation Workshop (6)

  • Final project presentation, discussion Q+A (60-90 min)
  • Presenting the Social Business Strategy Red Book
  • Final Test

Mar 14 – Graduation

Senior faculty members:
Adrienne Corn
Axel Schultze
Marita Roebkes
Wendy Soucie 
Adrienne Corn Axel Schultze  MaritaR  Wendy Soucie 

Your Masterpiece:

Attendees will create a complete Social Business Strategy Red Book.
Strategy Handbook 


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