Industry Research

While the S3 Social Media Academy conducted a variety of research projects and published several white papers we also provide Industry Research for businesses that can be made available in a co-branded way.

Co-Branded Research

If you want to explore specific aspects of Social Media and want the Academy conduct the research for you as an independent market observer, we are happy to work with you.

Industry Research Examples:

How Is Social Media Affecting High Tech Distribution

What impact has social media to technology distribution and partner networks and what are best practices in integrating business and channel partners into an international social media outreach initiative?

Cost Savings With Social Media Supported Export Strategies

What are potential cost savings using social media to test foreign markets? What are the main differences to traditional expansion strategies? What are best practices for Social Media supported expansion strategies?

Status Of Crowd Sourcing Product Requirements In The Telecom Industry

What are best practices for crowd sourcing based product requirements gathering? What are the opportunities and risks?

Contact Center Management Evolution In The Social Media Age

Status quo Social Media usage in contact centers. What contact centers see as biggest challenges. What are the biggest opportunities for the next 5 years.

Evolving Procurement Methods With Social Media

How is Social Media expected to impact procurement processes in the next five years. How can procurement planning and trend analysis benefit from social media techniques.

Customer Integrated Tech Support – How Can It Work?

Cost pressure is constantly challenging support teams to do more with less. How can customer integrated support centers reduce cost and leverage the expertise some customers have to better serve all the customers? How leading edge support centers collaborate with customers to support their market.

Competition Analysis

The competition analysis is a special research we are providing executive teams analyzing their competitive situation in a given market. The competition analysis uncovers strengths and weaknesses of the competition especially in regards to services, reputation, trust, loyalty, and similar aspects. It also provides insights in customer sentiments, readiness to switch to another supplier, purchase or replacement intentions and reasons, and  other customer related aspects. Further more the analysis covers response levels, conversation level, and social engagements. As a result the analysis provides a comprehensive gap analysis. Depending on the scope of the competition analysis it may include quarterly updates.

Requesting A Research Project

Please contact us if you are interested in tasking the S3 Social Media Academy with a research project. We work with highly skilled and Social Media savvy teams around the world exploring and researching specific market situations, industry specific or technology specific aspects or conduct a competition research.


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