Mindshare Report

Mindshare Report
Enterprise Social Media Assessment

MindshareRepotCover_miniWinning customer mindshare a competitive advantage and a customer benefit.

This 220 page social media business report was analyzing over 1 Million customers of 6 global enterprises including Dow Chemical, John Deere, NetApp, New York Life, Toyota, and Vodafone. It is amazing what a small group of analysts can do to identify the customer base of a global enterprise and what is going on in their business. Businesses are extremely vulnerable if their leadership team doesn’t understand the implications of social media. But as with every threat there is an equally huge opportunity.

This study explores the opportunity social media presents to corporations as a result of deeper insights revealed about their customer base and market.  This study is not a complete Enterprise Social Media Assessment but rather serves to illustrate the level of customer presence and corporate engagement that currently exists in social networks for the companies evaluated.

All data and information used within the reports were aggregated without any dialog or conversation with the respective company. The reports are built exclusively based on publically available data.

The comments and recommendations are rather short and may not reflect the current situation. Detailed comments would obviously be provided in a professional assignment for such an assessment. The comments provided shall only highlight a few situations or thoughts.

The students used a 5 step methodology which encompasses assessing a company’s social media landscape, community sentiment, brand representation, partner ecosystem and competitive environment.  A complete, in depth assessment provides the foundation of a comprehensive social media strategy.

The students used a variety of different reporting tools including tools to size a network, sentiment analysis, authority analysis and several other social media analytics tools. As part of the education the students worked with a selection of 16 out of over 100 different reporting tools.

Conducting a comprehensive assessment of a global enterprise takes a team of 5 experienced consultants approximately 4 weeks to complete. Given the potential competitive risk – still an investment well spent. The present study does not represent a full scale assessment but serves as an example demonstrating what trained social media experts can do. The here provided recommendations are only a placeholder and a superficial view point. They should not be taken as a real recommendation.

A competitive threat analysis and vulnerability chart as well as recommendation to compete are not exposed in great detail – however, we provide some general thoughts throughout the reports. An especially designed vulnerability chart provides a risk analysis showing communities that may be highly active but may be not supported by the brand.

Thanks to all the students of the S3 Social Media Academy who worked on this study.

Download the 30 page executive summary here.
The full 220 page report including all six companies is available to be
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for $29 in either PDF or printed version.
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