Social Media Assessment In Action

Social Media Is Customer Experience

Other interesting presentation you should see
Introduction To Social Media (By Tom Swift)
Where To Start (By Wendy Soucie)

A Strategy Discussion (By Axel Schultze)

What The …. (Marta Kagan)

The Presentation Collection
These presentations were held in various webinars and conferences, helping business managers to understand the impact of social media on their business. We thought we put the most relevant all in one place.
Content Limitation
While so often a picture tells more than a thousand words, sometimes slides are the background for some comprehensive discussion points and may not tell the story. Please join our live webinars to get the full picture.

Live Recording
Unfortunately the technology we know does not allow an easy recording, uploading and playing of a one hour webinar. And as those are all at no charge we decided to not invest in expensive recording systems and storage – sorry.

Other Presentations
S3 Social Media Academy certified consultants, partners, and other experts have made great presentations. You find some here – and we will expand on those.


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