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Category: Foundation Lessons


Lesson  SLF-1 (S3A-21101)

Business Transformation With Social Media

Strategic view to the changing socio economic landscape

Much has been said about changes. Lets look under the hood and see what actually changed and what implications those changes have. Learn about the evolving customer education and the risks to just experiment with your customers.

  • The model of influence is changing
  • Changes in customer relationship behavior
  • Mistakes to avoid when starting in the social web
  • Long term reputation development


Lesson SLF-2 (S3A-21102)      

Purpose Of Corporate Social Media Engagements

Discovering methodical approaches to corporate social media

Social interaction is the clear advantage Social Media brings to businesses. Being social online requires some new skills and only by using it best people get significant advantages such as the ability to manage large networks of people.

  • Creating a holistic social media approach
  • Methods, models and frameworks
  • The NCP model helps sizing networks
  • Social skill development


Lesson SLF-3 (S3A-21103)

Social Media Business Presence Development

Social Media tools, places and spaces

Developing a social presence is much more than just having a profile on the major networks. The presence begins with the understanding that it isn’t about where you decide to be – but how easy you are found by people relevant to you, before you know them.

  • Profile development & Social Graph
  • Looking under the hood of relationship building in LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and others
  • The big 12 in social network platforms
  • Some best practices


Lesson SLF-4 (S3A-21104)     

Social Media Time Management for Business

“Don’t waste time with social media – instead invest time in relationships”

Social Media for the Social Media sake is clearly a waste of time. And randomly exploring Billions of content pieces makes no sense. Learn to focus on relevant people and interesting content within a reasonable amount of time.

  • Social Media Time Management
  • Considerations on time allocation tables
  • Tools for relationship management
  • The “Social Minutes” project
  • Best practices

Category: Strategy Lessons

Lesson SLS-1 (S3A-21105)      

Social Media Audits / Assessments

Assessing your social media landscape

Knowing where you and your customers are is the mother of all Social Media engagement. Learn to focus on important aspects of such an assessment and be methodical in your approach. Save time by having a clear path to a clear result.

  • Analyzing where your customers are and what they do
  • Assessing your own brand and corporate presence
  • Evaluate your partners from a social web point of view
  • Understand where you are relative to your competitors
  • Learn to use the Four Quadrant Assessment Model
  • Case studies and best practices


Lesson SLS-2 (S3A-21106)     

Engagement Across All Departments

Social media isn’t just marketing but a business strategy

Having a hand full of people being ‘social’ and the rest of the company does business as usual creates no positive impact to your market. In order to have a sustainable positive impact on your market, you need to understand what it takes to get there.

  • Sales engagement strategies
  • Product Management strategies
  • Support strategies
  • Marketing & PR strategies
  • Logistics strategies
  • HR Strategies
  • The new customer experience strategy


Lesson SLS-3 (S3A-21107)      

Channel Partner Strategy Development

Social media integrated business partner engagement

Approximately 75% of all business around the glob is done through all kinds of trade channels. As a business with channel partners you will want to leverage your channel for added awareness and for an increased customer experience.

  • Market relationship models
  • Social media and the supply chain
  • Leveraging partners for the regional social customer engagement
  • Partner sales empowerment
  • Social marketing collaboration


Lesson SLS-4 (S3A-21108)      

Social Media Strategy Development I

Creating a complete social media strategy

Most businesses fail in their Social Media initiative due to the lack of strategic planning. Learn the six major aspects of a Social Media strategy and how to create a compelling strategy for any given business.

  • Strategy models and framework
  • Key components of your social media strategy
  • Creating a strategy team, resources and participants
  • The Strategy Hexagon – Social Media Strategy Framework


Lesson SLS-5 (S3A-21109)      

Social Media Strategy Development II

Strategy development considerations and examples

Based on the Social Media strategy fundamentals, you will learn about the engagement of external resources and how important customer engagement is in an early stage of the strategy development

  • External involvement from customers, prospects and partners
  • Embedding the strategy into the overall corporate objectives
  • Case studies and best practices


Lesson SLS-6 (S3A-21110)      

Social Media Project Best Practices

A social media project from start to finish

Connecting the dots from the Assessment, strategy and organization development lessons. Learn to put it all into perspective and get a holistic view of a Social Media project from start to finish.

  • Assessment
  • Strategy Development
  • Management buy in
  • Organization structure
  • Program Development
  • Execution phase

Category: Business Engagement Lessons


Lesson SLE-1 (S3A-21111)      

Social Media Monitoring – Tools And Objectives

It’s not about what you ‘can’ measure – but about what you ‘need’ to measure

Learn to leverage Social Media monitoring tools for an initial assessment as well as ongoing monitoring in your market. Learn to ask the right questions and build a real time market radar supporting your success oriented Social Media strategy.

  • Reporting strategies – Asking the right questions
  • Using different tools for different jobs
  • Getting hands-on with monitoring tools
  • Reporting back into the organization


LessonSL E-2 (S3A-21112)       

Social Selling Goals & Techniques

Leveraging social media in Sales

Sales is undergoing major changes every 30 to 50 years. Social Media is the reason for one of those changes. Learn about the different buying processes, influence factors and what leads to a educated purchase decision today. Realize the consequences for a modern day sales organization.

  • Social media in the different sales structures (direct / indirect)
  • Understanding the shift in influence and the recommendation chain
  • Aligning sales engagement with the new “educated purchase decision“
  • Demand generation and prospecting with social media
  • Reference selling and solution selling to the social customer
  • Case studies and best practices


Lesson SLE-3  (S3A-21113)      

Social Media Aided Support Organization

Customer experience and social media based support

Rationalize the close relationship between support quality, customer experience and customer based recommendations. Learn to build support organizations that are in line with your overall business objectives, reduce cost and increase customer loyalty.

  • Integration and adoption in the support and services department
  • Co-support initiatives, knowledge syndication
  • Support effectiveness
  • Customer integrated support communities
  • Social media and paid support organizations
  • Case studies and best practices


Lesson SLE-4 (S3A-21114)      

Social Media In Product Management

Social media integrated product management

We know that the “best” product rarely make it to market leadership. Learn to capture customer needs, wants and engagement in crowd sourcing initiatives and advance with market supported launch strategies.

  • Extending social media based support programs into PM feedback cycles
  • Co-creation initiatives leveraging social media
  • Social media supported product launches
  • Aspects of a changing IP situation and impact to product strategies
  • Case studies and best practices


Lesson SLE-5 (S3A-21115)      

Social Marketing Leadership & Services

Leveraging social media in PR and Marketing

While most businesses see Social Media a responsibility of the marketing department, learn what the marketing department can actually do to support a holistic market engagement with Social Media. Learn about the opportunity marketing has by NOT using Social Media as just yet another marketing tool.

  • Next generation marketing philosophy
  • The new influence noise ratio
  • Social Media monitoring
  • Brand reputation development
  • Social media campaign planning
  • Using a social media planning framework
  • Case studies and best practices


 Lesson SLE-6 (S3A-21116)      

Indirect Partner Channel Programs

Social media based partner marketing

Based on the Channel Engagement Strategy lesson (SLS-3) learn to build compelling channel engagement strategies and learn to leverage the partnerships for much broader social presence engagements.

  • Partner empowerment program development
  • Building better partner relationships through social media
  • Partner management with social media
  • Online collaboration with partners
  • Partner program development


Lesson SLE-7 (S3A-21117)      

Social Media Engagement Workflows

“Having Connections” has always been a core element of any business success

Taking the whole concept of a cross functional Social Media engagement (across all departments) to reality takes some serious considerations how to motivate, integrate and empower a team without any current business interruptions. Learn from techniques to gradually grow a company wide engagement.

  • The social minutes concept
  • A social engagement workflow
  • Making socializing a habit
  • Social relationships versus business relationships
  • Key characteristics and success pattern of social networks

Category: Organization & Budget Lessons


Lesson SLO-1  (S3A-21118)      

Social Media Organization Development

Building a successful social media organization

In order to decide to go cross functional with a Social Media engagement, there need to be some profound structural considerations. Most businesses would rather not engage before they do major organizational changes. Learn how to do a cross functional engagement with NO organizational changes.

  • Developing an integrate social business organization
  • Team responsibility and reporting lines
  • Social media policy management
  • Social media managers, community managers
  • Technical requirements, skill development, education


Lesson SLO-2 (S3A-21119)      

Social Media Budget Planning & ROI

The financial side of social business

Learn to create some sound and robust resource and financial plans for any Social Media engagement and learn to calculate a financial ROI. You will need to be able to provide a significant financial benefit before you can expect any serious budgets to be released.

  • Social media budget allocation / relocation
  • Social Media as a cost reduction instrument
  • Social Media KPIs and ROIs
  • Social media budget planning


Lesson SLO-3 (S3A-21120)      

Human Resource & Human Talent Development

Leveraging social media to find best matching talents

Social Media is a major challenge and a major opportunity – like no other in the past 100 years. Learn the impact on Human Resource departments or Human Talent development and how Social Media can help to build a more open, more attractive and more inviting company culture.

  • Culture shift and workforce trends
  • New ways of creating an open business culture
  • HR challenges in a globally connected world
  • Case studies


Lesson SLO-4 (S3A-21121)      

Recruiting And Team Building Concepts

Social media as a tool to create a better team spirit

Social Media has changed the face of recruiting more than anything else in the past 50 years. Learn to deal with its opportunities and its cultural challenges as well as ethical borders.

  • Fusing the well developed young generation into a business
  • Developing a social media based recruiting strategy
  • Case studies and best practices

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