Career Opportunities

The fast growing Social Media space offers a variety of new career opportunities:

Social Media Strategist
The top tier position. Providing a holistic social media integrated business strategySocial Media Consultant
Helping businesses embrace and apply social media to their respective business workflow

Director Social Media
A leadership position in a company overseeing the execution of social media plans

Social Media Manager
A management position, managing the execution of social media plans, public and branded communities and orchestrating the relationships

Social Media Analyst
Reviewing and analyzing community and eco system dynamics, creating early warning systems and manage ongoing reporting

Social Media Systems Support
Helping your company to manage and update the various public spaces and places, integrating them with the own branded community and managing mash ups.

Community Manager
Managing the online community of a company and keeping the dialog between and amongst members and the business

Content Manager
Providing and coordinating content assignment and distribution. Ensuring that the available non advertisial content is accessible to the eco system.

Social Media Trainer
Provide training and education to help others apply Social Media to their business



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