Case Study Program

The S3 Social Media Academy offers businesses to become part a case study for students of the Masters Class. Participating companies will get a social media assessment, a social media strategy and an executable social media plan as a result of the student exercises.

Students of the Masters Class will develop a complete social media engagement as part of the exercises during the 12 week class.

The company will receive the following material:
1) Assessment
Social media assessment based on the four quadrant assessment model, including the status quo of the customer base, the brand assessment, a partner assessment as well as a competition assessment including a customer survey and a customer presence analysis

2) Strategy
A social media strategy using the social media strategy framework .

3) Team Guide
A social media team guide to provide some common rules of engagement and best practices

4) Social Media Plan
An executable social media engagement plan for the sales team, the marketing organization, product management and the service team. The plan includes presence building in the social web including the creation of a Facebook page, a twitter account, a wordpress based blog  and a LinkedIn group. The plan is based on real customer feedback and most current market conditions and laid out for a six to nine month period. All activities in the provided plan assume a zero budget scenario.

Please contact the S3 Social Media Academy office for details.

In order to participate, company needs to apply for the program and will be selected by the faculty. The complete social media program study will be delivered as a printed report with all the details about the project and presented to the company in a one hour online presentation.


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