The S3 Social Media Academy certification documents what students learned, the methods they are able to use and the exercises they went through to gain hands on experience with business related social media initiatives.



Social Media Certification

The S3 Social Media Academy provides certificates for students who passed the tests and the final exams of the Masters Class. Certification Requirements: We require the students to comply with the following requirements:

  • Participate in 85% of the Lessons
  • Pass all written tests better than 65%
  • Have a well structured social presence
  • Participate in 80% of all exercises

What does the S3 Social Media Academy certify? Students acquired the following knowledge through lectures and exercises focused on business related social media application:

  • Ability to create a thorough social media assessment of the organization and their ecosystem including customers, partners, and competition.
  • Having methods to do the assessment efficiently and ensure its completeness
  • Acquiring the skills to develop a social media strategy for a department or the whole organization
  • Having a strategy framework that is applicable to social media including the goals definition, benefits for all constituencies, social presence strategy, corresponding high level program plan, resource and budget plan, reporting and monitoring.  
  • Knowledge to bring the social media strategy in alignment with the corporate strategy and at the same time make the needs and wants from the market an integral part of that strategy
  • Understanding how to involve the key constituencies of such a strategy development
  • Ability to create engagement plans for a cross functional initiative
  • Understanding the impact of social media not only from a marketing perspective but also on sales, support, product management and all other market facing units of an organization
  • Understanding the organizational implication and organization models to gradually engage all teams within an organization
  • Ability to explore, select and implement the various technologies that are best suited for the company and its social media objectives.
  • Acquiring the skills to develop social media programs and plans using solid planning models
  • Acquiring skills helping sales teams to engage in social media supported sales programs, social selling, social media supported reference selling and solution selling techniques and be able to apply social media sales techniques in B2B and B2C environments.
  • Acquiring skills helping product management teams leveraging social media for crowd sourcing initiatives as well as product launches
  • Acquiring skills helping support teams leverage social media to improve support effectivness and possibly reduce cost through customer or markt integrated support programs
  • Acquiring the skills for planning resources and budgets as well as calculating a financial ROI
  • Knowing the functionality and importance of social media monitoring, it’s tools and implications
  • Ability to create a social media guideline and motivational measures to engage the team
  • Having a crystal clear understanding of social media time management relative the companies business needs and objectives
  • Acquiring the skills to organize and manage a social media initiative throughout a medium to large organization
  • Having proven methods, models and frameworks for all strategic and tactical activities

What happens if an attendee fails to match the requirements? In case an attendee is not able to comply with ALL requirements, he or she can repeat the class and try again. If an attendee is not able to comply after the third attempt, no certificate is issued and no further repeats are allowed.

Certified Strategist

Why is it important?

It was very easy to just call yourself a social media “expert” and you get a consulting engagement. Not any longer. Customers want to know what you know. Just pulling of a “social media campaign” was often a waste of time and money. Both customers and employers are much more demanding today: Employers like to know and understand what level of education a new employee has. The certificate of the S3 Social Media Academy is clearly describing the level of knowledge an attendee of the leadership class has acquired. Customers need to understand the level of expertise a social media consultant is able to provide. The certificate of the S3 Social Media Academy is clearly describing the level of knowledge an attendee of the leadership class has acquired. Even if you don’t agree with the content, you know exactly what we teach and what we certify.



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