Online Learning

Online Learning for an online world

S3 Social Media Academy Education Programs are almost exclusively online. Here is why:

Social Media itself is an online medium. Everything from contact reviews to relationship building and strengthening all the way to business collaboration happens online. Not that we like to replace any face to face contacts but online engagement is so much more effective by order of magnitude faster and provides a wealth of information that is just not available in the old offline world. This is the reason why we decided to not only teach about online relationship building but actually practice it from day one and all the way through the entire learning exercise.

Only after the class you will appreciate the richness of online learning for this online world. You won’t trust a medical doctor to do a brain surgery if he or she learned to do it from reading books or watching others. You won’t like to fly in a plane where the pilot’s experience is only from books and simulators and you won’t learn to play a piano from just listening.

The fact that there is no traveling involved, that you can learn the video based lessons on your own leisure and join workshops from any place in the world are only positive side effects.

Social eLearning System “Braino”

S3 Social Media Academy invested heavily in its own Social eLearning System, created in collaboration with the Society3 Group. The unique system, called Braino, provides the eLearning platform to go through the video based lessons and offers a social media functionality where attendees see their classmates can exchange messages and collaborate in the social web. Each attendee has its own lessons and can mark lessons as completed. Each class provides additional class material the lessons in PDF form and access to the respective learning community. Attendees have access to the lessons for one year – so they can return long after the class is over and revisit lessens. Much of the collaboration however is outside Braino to maximize the experience in the social web.


Group Exercises & Workshops

Hands on experience

One of the key elements of the social media manager and social media strategist programs are real case group exercises. Students collaborate with each other and get hands on experience on real cases. Exercises include social media assessments, social media strategy development, social media plan development, social media policy development and presenting the complete case to the respective business.

Online Collaboration

All collaboration, like the whole education program is online. Typically classes consist of attendees from around the world. Students get first hand experience in online collaboration and leveraging social media for their own projects.

Exercises are made with the support of the faculty and supervision of certified social media strategists.

Workshop Cases

Businesses can apply to become a workshop case. If you like to be a case study for our student workshops and get a complete social media strategy, please see our program details and contact the S3 Social Media Academy office at (650) 384 0057.


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